Okay this is where the story gets a little crazy. I started making the Moonlight Chronicles while i was doing Shots, then lost interest, finally, in photography, sold Shots and then got a huge sponsorship with Simple Shoes in 1994. They turned the Chronicles into their catalog and it's circulation went from around 100 copies to 50,000!! This is the cover of the first issue. Simple came on board with issue 15. Soon i was traveling all over the place and living the hobo life i had dreamed so vividly about.


goodwolve said...

And I have that very first issue - I still love it after all these years.

Dharma Bum 53 said...

Do you still have copies of issue #1 ? and do you realize what a magical life you have had ? You need to write a book about how to have a magical life !

d.price said...

Yes issue #1 is available with all the other 66 back issues at moonlightchronicles.com. believe me i do alot of self pinching! hobo