Julie said...

hey dan, it's me julie in france. enjoying your online Chronicles so far (though i do miss having paper in my hands) and yeah, leaving the colors inside the lines is cool too.

I've been meaning to ask you: Maybe you could include a few words about page layouts in one of these issues. I remember you talking about your gradual discovering of design tricks and i now find myself paying special attention in hopes of soon being better at arranging all those little words and doodles together.

thanks dan!
good luck pedaling across that big blue ocean!

deborah said...

Dan enjoy the Islands...I enjoy the winter, so I guess I am content in it...also my job won't give me a two month vacation.. :(

Julie, do you have a blog? your profile is turned off? Sometimes just studying someone elses style and in trying to duplicate it, you discover yours..

d.price said...

Thanks for the comments. And thanks Julie for the cool letter and the drawings! Very nice. About all i have to teach about page layout is to just do lots of them and then you will get good at it. I really don't do any thinking about the layout. It just happens. HOBO