Okay, okay. So that last surf painting was NOT a true representation of what the Hobos been riding. Sheesh. A guy can dream can't he?! This one is way more what it's like here on the west coast of Maui. Thigh to waist high rollers coming quietly in. Such mellow waves that you sometimes have to holler out to sea, "Hey, waves. Wake up and start coming to shore again so we can ride you!" That's the tiny island of Lanai right across the water. The sun is usually up real high and baking your noggin. I now surf with my Simple cap on to keep from getting too much ultra violet on the brain. No wet suit or rash guard shirt, cause the water is like your bathtub. Long scraggly hobo shorts to keep the board from scrapping when you sit up while waiting and watching for stinger jelly fish. Waterlogged long board that works pretty but not very good. The beach is right there at the bottom of the painting because yesterday i was literally riding all the way in and stepping off on the sand! A few shells, but not many. Lots of black rocks that roll around in the surf and sound like a big bag of marbles. Ok. So i have come clean. No more fibbing. Thats my new years resolution for 2009. What's yours? HOBO


Greg N said...

I'll have to decide on my new years resolution soon...but I did want to show you this book about not fibbing and being completely honest always: it's called "Radical Honesty" - close to your title :)


Don Tucker said...

Come on Dan ... If we can't fib then what have we left. Like I am sure it snowed 10' feet here on Christmas. It took days to dig out ...

Had to walk to the store barefoot, uphill both ways.



Dalai Grandma said...

I resolve to see where I go if I don't make any resolutions at all.

Love your hobbit house.