And so our little hobo returns from the balmy 20 degree latitudes to the cold 45th. At first it was weird. Then it was kind of cool. Weird because i had to go from shorts and sandals to full on winter gear, Gloves, hat, the works. But i got in the sauna and had a good round with the spirits that reside there. They welcomed me back. I thanked them for their protection while i was on the road. We sat in silence. This is a good home. I recharge when here. And the gloomy weather will not bum me out. See, i already feel the spring coming on and made a sunny painting of the hobbit hole. The deer were all around today and were not afraid. I ran up the river looking for Mr. Owl. But he was away. Tonight i will crawl in my burrow and sleep soundly. The air here is crisp. The water icy cold. Two things that help one to breathe deep and welcome the night time coming. HOBO


smirrh said...
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smirrh said...


Do you live in the 'Hobbit Hole' all the time or do you have a house?

d.price said...

dude, the hobbit hole "is" my house! see the book Radical Simplicity about the 18 year journey! hobo

smirrh said...


Thanks. I just bought the book from Amazon UK.


Jon Rombach said...

dan boy, welcome home. chain up that trike and come tell me stories about sun shining.