ISSUE # 68



mccabe said...

this was fun to read! i love it. swamis can be kind of intense. ;) by the way very nice to meet you! i love the new issues!

the girl you met on the side of the 101

Bairbre Aine said...

Oh my.
I've read your books, swapped your chronicles with fellow artist/journalists, for a few years, and off and on, followed your blog. (more off this past year and a half).
Anyways, just found your new blog tonight, by sheer luck... and noticed...you are totally in my neck of the woods.
If you plan to hang out through the weekend, I so would love to buy you coffee and breakfast somewhere in Encinitas! Potato shack is great and The Pannikin has great stuff too, they are both on the 101.
Let me know!
cheers~Bairbre Aine

d.price said...

Dang, just zoomed back to ventura to meet up with some surfing friends. Let's do coffee next time! Will be heading home by march 1st. hobo

Bairbre Aine said...

Happy travels.
Cheers~ Bairbre Aine